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A/I/M bv is an independent consultancy firm, specialised in the Information & Communication organisations need as a corporate resource. The CEO of A/I/M bv is Steven van 't Veld. A/I/M bv is part of an international, fast growing network of very experienced, independent consultants and independent consultancy firms.

A/I/M bv specialised in:

  1. Establish, management and development of the (enterprise) information architecture of an organisation.
  2. Difficult and very difficult information c.q. business analyses, where companywide analyses are possible. A/I/M bv specialised in analysis of the information structure (5th normal form and higher), specification of a companies need of functionality and about 20-25 other issues that need to be resolved to be able to realise a successful sourcing of the realisation of what the organisation needs to be a success. Success is always defined in of the right combination of time, money and quality for the organisation.
  3. Making outsourcing (onshore or offshore) of investments in and exploitation of IT possible, where the having and maintaining of control of the organisation that out sources is the primary target.
  4. Coaching of people undertaking these kind of activities.
  5. Educating people in (Enterprise) Information Architecture, information/business analysis and (difficult) information modelling in the form of Master classes.


Independent means that A/I/M bv has no ties or commitments, now or in the future, to products or services delivered by IT-contractors (softwarehouses, systemhouses or IT-consultancy firms). The services of A/I/M bv, and of the people and organizations in her network, are authentic. They are based on a very broad experience, and on relevant theories. These services are directed towards the advantage they will have for the organisations that acquire them. More then 300 people working for around 200 organizations have, for instance, found this out in the unique, practical Masterclass they have attended that was organized by A/I/M bv.

Independence is quite different from neutral. Neutral consultancy is based on a mix of negotiated interests of IT-contractors, where the interest of the "customer" is hardly taken into account. The results are about the advantages these negotiated products and services have for IT-contractors, not for their customers. Neutral services usually result in a higher investment and/or a higher cost of exploitation and ownership for the customer. Independent consultancy is directed towards the customers and their advantage.

The services of A/I/M bv include consultancy, coaching and education (MBA-level Masterclasses). The services of A/I/M bv are authentic when the registered company-logo, as seen above, is included.

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Every organization has an (enterprise) information architecture!

Quality and maturity varies.

A/I/M has done extensive research to determine what an information architecture is, and what it should contain.  The results of this research is available for organizations upon request.

New: all interactive and in-house courses available in English! Ask for them.


The services of A/I/M include:

  • Advice and support by an (enterprise) information architect

  • Support by procurement of changes and for instance in "due diligence".situations

  • Scans of organizations to determine their level of maturity of their information architecture

  • Education and training, in written and in interactive form. A/I/M also creates in-house courses with an optimal fit to an organization. Former students were unanimously enthusiastic! Including:

    • written course Architecture in Practice
    • 2 day course Appreciation of Architecture
    • 6 day masterclass Architecture in Practice
    • 2 day course Governance and Knowledge
  • Coaching of informaticians in their work situation.

Steven van 't Veld (CV), Certified Principal Information Architect, chairman of the board of the Society for the Certification of Information Architects and initiator of the Genootschap voor Informatie Architecten (GIA) has written and published a large number of articles and columns for the Dutch professional press. They have also done a lot presentations.


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The (Enterprise) Information Architect

An enterprise information architect, in the Netherlands we simply call them information architect, is someone who works with information as a business issue. In practice, higher business management usually easily recognizes the importance of information in their business and are willing to put related issue on the table. They will see an information architect as someone who can think and talk their language. The major relieve for them is usually to be able to discuss information-related issues without having to talk in terms of information technology.

An experienced information architect will be able to discuss information strategy and planning, change, procurement, executive information, security, functional service management, information structure, functionality, standards, tools, alignment, related IT strategies etc. Usually business wide! The information architect is also the one who can negotiate for the business with IT developers and/or IT vendors when new solutions, HRM, ERP, DMS, Office, internet, E-commerce etc., need to be introduced.

(Enterprise) Information Architect versus Business Analyst

There is an important difference between a Business Analyst (or Information Analyst) and an Information Architect. There area of work has a lot of similarity. The main difference, however, is in the scope and the orientation of their work.

An Information Architect focuses on the data that is information for an organization as a whole and on what the organization wants with its information. Creating an information architecture, he or she knows what solutions, including IT solutions, need to be created or procured to satisfy the, separate and integral, information need(s) of an organization best.

An Information Architect, unlike a Business Analyst, does not work problem oriented. The scope of her or his work is usually organization-wide. Often even broader. Information is seen as a means in itself and not as a series of problems to be solved. The result of the work of an Information Architect is the basis to be able to create a more effective and flexible information infrastructure that really fits the needs of the organization better.

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